Supplemental Benefit Plans & Life Insurance


Supplemental Benefit Plans & Life Insurance


Supplemental Benefit Plans & Life Insurance


Supplemental Benefit Plans & Life Insurance

Empower Financial Group USA is an insurance brokerage firm that offers a wide range of group benefit plans and financial services for you and your family. We understand that insurance is necessary to secure your family’s financial future.

Therefore, we take a step forward and support such families during their tough times. We provide insurance coverage for various situations such as cancer, heart attack, stroke, accidents, etc., by paying them the required amount of cash.

We also assist high-net-worth individuals in developing a structural plan so they are not bound to pay exceptionally high taxes. We proudly serve many clients, including small business owners, large groups nationwide, and self-employed and contract individuals.

Our Products

Accident Insurance

We’ll help you focus on your recovery—not your medical bills.

Cancer Insurance

We have various policies to protect you against the high costs of cancer treatment.

Heart Attack & Stroke Insurance

If you suffer a heart attack or stroke, this insurance provides a cash benefit that you can use in any way.

Dental, Vision & Hearing Coverage

We provide clients with three important health benefits under a single policy.

Senior Hospital Indemnity

We will reimburse all your medical expenses so that you are financially fit to take care of your family. (50+ Missouri Only)

Life Insurance

With the term, whole, or index universal life insurance, you can leave more than just grief for your family.

Coming Soon: Property and casualty for home, auto, and business.

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Client Testimonials

We love it when our clients have a positive claim experience.

“I had a very positive experience with Cigna’s accident Insurance. My son fell and broke his pinky finger. We had a long visit to the ER. I called Cigna the following Monday and was pleasantly surprised by how easy the process was. Then I was again pleasantly surprised by the texts that kept me apprised during the processing of the claim. Thank you for all you do!”

Barbara Wells

“Just wanted to thank you and your office, especially Lydia, for staying on top of the paperwork regarding our disbursements from my wife’s Cancer Policies with Cigna. I was fortunate to have purchased both Cancer Policies for my family just months prior to her diagnosis.
Although it took a few months, your diligence helped to ensure both disbursements were made, and for that, again I thank you. I would have much rather never had the diagnosis for my wife, but having the extra fiscal stress taken away made it easier to manage for us both.”

Michael Hirtz, Campbell Math Teacher

“My daughter was involved in a serious vehicle accident in June 2020. I purchased the Cigna Accident and Cigna Hospital Supplemental Insurance through Brad Smith. Brad called me a few days after the accident to check on my daughter, asked if I needed anything at the time, and told me the process of getting paid out through Cigna on both of my policies. Brad and his staff were in constant contact with me and my wife and they were helpful in every way possible. I promptly received my payment from Cigna on what was covered under my policies and I owe that to Brand Smith and his staff.”

Clay Snider, Cooter R4 Superintendent

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